Current law issues as seen by attorneys

Mandatory Drug Recall Under the Law

Once a drug has been approved by the FDA, the FDA or a court barely has any authority to force a recall. There are very limited situations when a mandatory recall is put in effect, none of which are drug related. The FDA is allowed to order a recall when the Agency: Finds there exists

Private Practice and the Legal Side of Medicine

You’ve finished your residency and now you’re thinking about opening a private practice. Knowing the legal and administrative structure of your practice is often as important as the treatment that you give to your patients. You’ve studied it all – organic chemistry, anatomy, histology, pathology… but do you know the laws that govern private practices? With

Drug Manufacturers Forced To Pay For Drug Take-Back Program

Another blow has been dealt to Big Pharma as a federal appeals court upholds a lower-court ruling that drug manufacturers have to pay for the drug take-back program that Alameda County passed into law in 2012. In what is to be a first for the nation, the California county ordinance requires drug manufacturers to cover the costs associated

How To File a Worker’s Comp Claim

Do you know the steps that you have to take to file for worker’s compensation? If you get injured while you’re working, worker’s comp can cover your medical bills and lost wages while you make a recovery. However, you don’t get these benefits automatically. There is a set process that you have to follow in